Stainless Steel Door Spindle


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Stainless Steel
4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0"
Availble Styles:
Blank, Slotted (v-notch), Threaded
Spindle Size:

To meet the needs of our customers B&M has developed it's own line of stainless steel door spindles.  Our spindles are made completely from 18-8 (304) Stainless Steel stock to fit standard 8MM door hardware.  This material provides many advantages over regular steel spindles and is designed to stand up to corrosion in coastal and nautical applications.

Our spindles come in the three designs included within: Blank, Threaded, and Slotted (V-Notch). All three designs can be manufacturered in both straight and swivel designes.  All spindles are available in lengths from 4.0” up to 6.0” in half-inch increments.

While we have existing designs and blueprints in house we can also work to prints or drawings you provide.  Features can be added or removed to change the price.  Please let us know about your requirements and we can work up a custom quotation for your application.  For more information please get in touch or call us at 973-751-0789.

Min order 100pcs.  Suggested order 1,000pcs.  

In addtion, B&M is a full service machine shop with years of experience in custom hardware at our disposal ready to help with any special requests or custom jobs you may have.